Sterilization Cases

Vorzeigen's products are lucrative and are specifically designed to beneficially serve our customers and their customer. Durability, functionality and aesthetics are three pillars of Vorzeigen's unparalleled sterilization cases.


We offer a wide variety of cases and trays to serve any application. If you have a project, Vorzeigen has multiple options.

  • Customized sterilization cases to hold any type of instruments and implants
  • Case and tray panels will be anodized. Any choice of color can be made
  • Logos and instruments will be silk-screened
  • Instrument silk-screening is available in both 2D (instrument outline) and 3D
  • Miscellaneous numbers like lots numbers, part numbers, etc. can be either laser etched or silk-screened on any case or tray panels


Lead Times:

  • 1 Week design
  • 4 Weeks full production orders any quantity



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