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Vorzeigen's approach is simple. We continue to work diligently on giving better service and higher quality of product to our customers every time. Vorzeigen is ISO DS/EN 13485 certified and FDA registered. This is our commitment to improving our quality and delivery excellence to our customers.


With collective efforts of manufacturing, engineering, design for manufacturability and development specialists, we ensure an optimum response to your needs every time. Vorzeigen maintains a comprehensive quality assurance and quality control program. Our quality system is in compliance with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the United States Food and Drug Administrtation (FDA) regulations


Vorzeigen's specialty is in great customer service. Our customers particularly value our can do and never fail attitude. The approach of giving the customer what they want at a fair and equitable price with out sacrificing quality is a standard for us. Our pride of craftsmanship is second to none.


Our company supplies the medical industry with medical devices, implants, sterilization cases, trays, caddies and many other medical accessories. Our investments have allowed us to improve the quality of our products, increase our manufacturing capability and increase our efficiency.


Our business is located in Connersville, IN. Centrally located within 50 minutes of Warsaw, Indianapolis, Cincinnati and Dayton, OH.

Jen Cummings - COO  & Austin Cummings - CEO

OMTEC 2016

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